Writing can speak where your voice can’t be heard.

We are writers. Our goal is to help others communicate their thoughts and values accurately through written means. If you need editorial assistance, translation, content management and development, The Red Pen and its team of experienced writers and editors are ready to work with you.

What We Do

Content Writing

Grammar Editing

Language Translation


Video Subtitles

Press Release

Why You Need a Writer and Why It Should be The Red Pen


Too short and it's not enough, too long and it's B-O-R-I-N-G. Balancing the right amount of information with effectiveness is tricky, but this is where The Red Pen excels; writing that is effective and honest.


Every piece of content has a purpose and an audience, and we tailor each written piece to maximize market-penetration.


We help develop a written style that is unique to your brand and industry. Professional, Technical, Casual or Playful, we’ve got every written style covered.


Establish instant rapport with your prospects and improve conversion rates through easy, enjoyable readability.

Customer Reviews

Very fast and very good. My partner loves this a lot. Now I don’t have to scratch my head every time I want to write something. Save a lot of time by not sitting there blankly staring at the screen.

Yen Le - Treze Purple

Yen Le - Treze Purple

Make me fall in love myself more 🙂

Kang Wei - Achievers Mind

Kang Wei - Achievers Mind

So beautifully written with the right amount of humour and seriousness.

Ann Shim

Ann Shim